Platinum Coir Mattress

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An ultra-premium mattress that is truly international in quality and design.

Rubberized Coir Sheet: 50+45 = 95 MM of 70 Density
Super Foam: 30 MM (32 Density)
Tapestry: 14 MM quilted attached with cotton cover usable in both summer and winter
Warranty: 5 Years


Product Description

Heritage Coir Mattress has been catering Nepalese customers since 2004. Balaji Mattress Industries is selling the products as the brand name of Heritage Rubberized Coir Mattress and Coirrelene Rubberized Coir Mattress in the market. The company is the pioneer of coir mattress industry in the kingdom. It is the first ISO certified manufacturer of the mattress product in Nepal.

The company is producing rubberized coir mattress that is fully agro based product. It uses natural and agricultural products like coconut coir which is bio-degradable and reusable in nature. Robber is sprayed on coconut coiled coir in order to fix the density and flexibility. These products have no side effect and health friendly to the customers as medically approved by doctors. The company can customize the size and  thickness of the mattress according to the need of customers.


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