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Dr. Madhav Sunder Malla

Niresh Bahadur Shrestha

Hem Raj Dhakal

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Dr. Madhab Sundar Malla

Niresh Bahadur Shrestha


About Heritage Flooring and Carpet

Heritage is Nepal’s first manufacturer of non-woven carpet adopting entirely automatic machines in the kingdom. The factory produces wide range of products like Jacquard, Velour and Ribbed Carpet to cater all segment of the market. We are the only manufacturer of Jacquard and Velour Carpets in Nepal. Hence, we substitute the import of those products and benefited to the country by saving foreign currencies to some extent.

The products are unmatched for durability and affordability:
The carpets stand up to intensive everyday wear in even the toughest conditions. Most of the Heritage Floor coverings are made of polypropylene fiber, making them exceptionally resilient even in high-use and heavy-duty environments.

Stain Proof, Moisture Proof and Durable:
Heritage Carpets are made from closed-cell fiber that absorbs no moisture. This means they won’t stain, rot or smell, making them ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor uses. They are UV stabilized and highly resistant to fading, even in direct sunlight. The products are needle-punched rather than woven, Heritage Carpets can not zip, run or fray making them easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Education, Retail, Commercial and Industrial Uses:
Even with high foot traffic and vigorous wear and tear, Heritage Carpets stay smart-looking and comfortable for many years. They can withstand high-wear environments such as education and busy retail and for a range of specialist uses including sports pitches and automotive fit-outs.

Heritage Carpets can be useful in homes, schools, colleges, offices, shops, hospitals, nursing homes, child cares, adult cares, showrooms, events and sports facilities.

Color Choices and Customization:
Heritage Carpets come in an extensive range of contemporary colors and finishes. Heritage has wide range of color selection that is constantly being refreshed to allow architects and designers for maximum choice and flexibility. We can also develop custom colors on request.